Friday, December 16, 2011

Our Santa Experiences 2011

Watching her video Santa sent her :)

Mallie is unsure about Santa...

This is the best pic we got....the longer she sat on Santas lap the less sure she got.

Mallie not thrilled...Mad dont care cause she got a ball and a book.

Mallie still not happy..

Bout had all she can take.....

Mommy!!! Pick me up!!

Kaden is 6!

Hanya and Mallie

Ralphie loving on Mallie :)

Nannie, Aunt Whinney, and Mallie

The Birthday Boy and his Mommy :)

My Life.

Christmas At Church~The Reason for the Season

Don't know what I would do without them..

They sure LOVE their Daddy...

Maddie Loves her sissy :)

Decorating for CHRISTMAS :)


Monday, November 14, 2011

Growing Up....too fast!

  • Mallie is really crawling now! She crawled for the first time on Halloween but its now the middle of November and she crawled from one room to the next yesterday which makes it pretty offical to me that she's mobile.
  • Maddie amazes me everyday...she can put her clothes on now for the most part all by herself and correct!
  • Maddie loves loves loves to draw and paint...she is getting an easel for Christmas, I can't wait till she opens it and realizes what its for! I've even got an old blanket ready for her to put under it so she can be creative to her hearts content :)
  • I thought for the longest time ever Mallie was never going to get a tooth but on 11-11-11 she had a tooth break through the gums! Its on the bottom front middle right tooth. Shes less cranky I guess theres no more super close to coming in.
  • Our little puppy Lucy is a pretty good pup now. She does good with not peeing in the house and sleeps in the bed with me and Dusty :)